The prefab home becomes a product

Global prefab llc introduces for the first time in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, Luxury # modular # prefabricated Home / Cottages, Wooden cabin, Porta cabin, Container cabin, Office cabin & Security cabin, Toilet cabin, G+1 cabin, Accommodation Cabin, Kitchen cabin, ACP Cladding type Cabin, PU Panel Type Cabin, PVC Tent, Car Parking Shade, Hoarding Fence, Sign Board, Diesel Tank, Flag Pols, Interlock Tiles – Frames camping sites and are even suitable for no construction zones. All our units comes complete with all the finishes required which means you get your portable cabin / caravan ready to move in. A customer even has a choice of customisations just like you buy a car. Our portable cabin / caravan are manufactured #offsite in our manufacturing unit in sharjah, We offer a 10 years warranty for any manufacturing defects or leakages due to rains and our units are designed to withstand any harsh weather whatsoever.

A Shape Resort / Cottages

Wooden Type Resort

Wooden Round Toilet Cabin

Container Cabin

Wooden Container Cabin

Fire-Rated Porta cabin

Fire-Rated Toilet Cabin

ACP Toilet Container Cabin

Office cabin

Fire-Rated Mosque Cabin

Accommodation Cabin

G+1 Cabin

Interlock Installation

Carved Security Cabin

Executive Security Cabin

PVC Tent

Outdoor Seating Arrangements

Car Parking Shade

Hoarding Fence

Sign Board

Designer Permanent ABLUTION Unit


Wood Clad Facility
Special Curve Shape Design

4 HPL Toilet Cubicle
One Assisted, HPL Toilet Cubicle
Marble Top Wash Basin Counter

Fire-Alarm System
High-End, Top Quality Fings & Accessories